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Residential HVAC Services, serving all DFW and surrounding areas


To The Rescue HVACR Services, LLC provides heating and air conditioning maintenance and HVAC services to homeowners and businesses in all DFW and surrounding areas.


With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we are experts in HVAC replacement and HVAC repair. We complement a commitment to value by providing well-trained members to provide solutions to our customer base.


Our Services

We see long-term relationships by us evolving to the customer's needs, not our wants. We are a service business first. We train eager and committed individuals who have pride in their craft and workmanship.


We commit to fixing what we don't get right the first time, even if it means losing a profit. We want to be able to see anyone at the local events without hiding because of some lack of integrity.


For commercial and residential HVAC services you can depend on, contact us at (214) 815-3101 today.

-Heat tune up for 100.00 per unit

-Ac spring cleaning and tune up for 150 per unit
-16 seer replacement prices for typical and standard changeouts include the gas furnace, the evaporator coil and the outdoor unit.
2 ton 6 k

2.5 ton 6.4 k

3 ton 6.7 k

3.5 ton 6.9 k

4 ton 7.2 k

5 ton 7.7k
All equipment sales come with a 10 year part warranty and 1 year labor warranty. Financing is 5 min to prequalify

All prices are subject to change without notice


get a quote today!

All DFW and surrounding areas

We only WANT and make it a point to hire staff that wants to do what's right for the customer long term. No short-term quick fix, back bumper warranty here. We build trust by providing a simple cleaning or tune-up to get you running or expedite long work when needed. We do not have sales quotas or projections to burden and force our techs to sell unneeded services or equipment. We offer 2 or 3 options in most cases when possible for you to decide what is best for your budget and needs.

These guys are really great. They come on time, friendly, courteous, explain all they are doing, no unnecessary repairs, good prices. We have used them three times now. Very excellent.

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